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MAIL ORDER CATALOGS AND WEB SITES: Call to get a free catalog. Sign up to get good email coupons. Watch out for shipping costs, they can add up, and each company has different fees. Some companies will give free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

WHERE DO I SHOP? I now order through Dick Blick, Jerry's or Cheap Joes (in that order). These companies have a good reputation and some good sales. I always shop online -- best prices and delivered to my door in 3-4 days. Utrecht often has good sales too.

Here is a sample shopping basket with basic required and recommended supplies. Add or delete what you want before checkout...

Go To: Fresh Style Watercolor - Sample Dick Blick Shopping Cart

Links to Art Shop Web Sites:

ASW Express

Cheap Joe's Art Supplies

Daniel Smith

Dick Blick

I have several sample lists here - at 'Blick U' I have sample carts in oil and watercolor

Jerry's Artarama

En Pleinairpro Watercolor Easel


STORES: Nice for browsing and an emergency item. Look for sales, coupons, etc... again the websites have the cheapest prices.

- Utrecht - Has good sales. They also have a catalog and web site.

- Plaza Art - Has good sales and gives students (of any age!) a discount.

- Pearl Art

- Michael's (the most expensive way to get supplies, and a very limited selection of materials). Look for the Sunday circular 40% off coupon (good for only 1 item).

ART BOOKS: - Discounts on many artist books. Join for the introductory deals and then quit so you avoid the monthly selections. - New or used art books.

ABE used books -

* Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting by John F. Carlson. An in-depth, indispensable guide to all prior knowledge of landscape painting presented with clear, simple drawings and b/w examples. Much text and a bit dated (no color step-by-step), but that is okay. This is the gold standard of landscape books, and you will see all modern plein-air artists cite this as their favorite book. This book will be confusing to the new artist (so much information!), but for intermediate-advanced artists, or those eager to learn, there is no book that can compare to this one.

* Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light and Color by Kevin Mcpherson. Great examples, terrific explanation of process; and thoughtful ways to improve skills, such as 'ways of seeing' and color isolation. One of the best books for beginners - advanced.

Beginner Painting Course by Alwyn Crawshaw. Great primer on watercolor: brush handling, technique, and some wonderful lessons from beginner landscapes, to more advanced cityscapes, figures and animals.

• Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis. A fantastic book every artist should read. Not just for illustration.

• The War on Art by Steven Pressfield.

• All Prima by Richard Schmid.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards: Many of my students say the 'old' version is better than the 'new' one.

Making Color Sing by Jeanne Dobie:  A really excellent book for all levels of painters. (Don't use her dated color palette suggestion of Rose Madder Genuine, however!)


PINTEREST is a great way to collect your favorite images and see other's too. (extensive watercolor information on supplies, click on the color wheel or go directly to:

Click here to go to online color charts in a water-soluble web forum

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