Christine Lashley - Fine Artist

Country Road - Free Lesson in Watercolor

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Step-by-step Shadows and Fall Color

photo reference

"Big Shapes"

Planning & Review: Big To Small & Chunky Shapes

- Pre-draw on your paper lightly. Try masking fluid to save the white fence, or paint around it.

- When starting, think of big, 'chunky shapes' to simplify the image: side trees, road, background... do NOT think of details like leaves and twigs

Step 1:

- Paint trees on the left with wet paint (yellows and reds), dot in some green while wet.

- Paint the tree clump to the right with the same mix, but add Burnt Umber to darken.


Step 2:

- Let dry. Paint the background cluster of trees a darker value with a mix of colors.

- Start the road with New Gamb, Purple, cobalt and Burnt Umber... mix this on the paper!

- No shadows yet... let dry!


Final Painting
"Country Road," 9 x 12," watercolor

Step 3:

- Paint the darks of the tree trunks, wet with a brush to 'melt' some branches

- Sky is Cerulean Blue with Cobalt, paint with scuffy marks and brush on the side 4 texture

Step 4:

- Paint the shadows. Shadows change color and are a darker color of what they are shading...

- On the road (Cobalt & Purple & Burnt Umber).

- Shadows on the grass as a greener & browner mix.

Step 5:

- Darken some of the trees to define

- Drybrush some texture for leaves. Add some dots (finally!) for individual leaves.