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Art Instruction Blog - Hundreds of Free Lessons

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Virtual Museums from Google Earth

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Child Hassam's Artwork Online

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A non-profit website devoted to Hassam. Complete works shown in high resolution. Downloadable files.

Art Renewal - Realist Site

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A non-profit organization & website devoted to promoting realistic art. Great library of current and past masters of realism, painterly impressionism, etc. No abstract art is shown.

Plein-air Resource

Link to: plein-air pro site with newsletter archives

Charles Reid Workshop

Pics from the VERY popular Charles Reid workshop I took, spring '09 

Charles Reid, w/c demo

Charles Reid, w/c demo

Charles Reid, w/c demo

CR working on the picture...
Charles Reid, w/c demo

Charles Reid, w/c demo

Lashley, 30 x 22" w/c

Charles is a very generous and talented teacher. All the students at the workshop were blown away by his skill. If you ever have the chance to study with him, do so!

Christine Lashley - Fine Artist

Bonus Material
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Recent Trips, Demos, Workshops, etc.

Color Mixing Chart

Sargent Watercolors at the Brooklyn Museum, NY.

What a treat to see these beautiful watercolors up close and personal... and luck... apparently, they only grant personal interviews with the watercolors once every 4 months!!! These are some of my all-time favorite paintings in the world.

John Singer Sargent
"White Ships", watercolor

John Singer Sargent
"In a Levantine Port" watercolor

John Singer Sargent
"Bedouin Camp" watercolor

John Singer Sargent
"Bedouins" watercolor

John Singer Sargent
"Gourds" watercolor

John Singer Sargent
"In a Medici Villa" watercolor

will load more soon...

Europe '09 Trip

Europe was wonderful and I did manage to get 2 paintings done. The kids loved Venice the best.

picture of Venice canal

"Venice Canal"
Lashley, 9 x 12" watercolor

photo of the site

"Venice Vista"
Lashley, 9 x 12" watercolor

Recent Demos From Class

Watercolor, 9 x 12

STILL LIFE - First I drew lightly with the pencil. Just some rough bubble shapes for placement, then firm pencil lines. I then put in some large washes of NG, Cobalt and Aliz. I wanted the class to focus on what was lighter or darker, not local color or shapes as much. I did not wait for areas to dry, so some is wet-in-wet such as the first washes of tomato. Second washes were put in when dry. I was thinking of light, medium and dark when painting; with bleeding color and merged edges encouraged. 




Childe Hassam Demo
After" Isle of Shoals II"

Demos from my plein air class spring 

Demos are posted when time permits. This is from the Plein-air class at the Yellow Barn.  


"Old Tavern, C&O Canal"
Watercolor, 9 x 12"