Christine Lashley - Fine Artist

Spring Bluebells 2010
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My Class - Painting Wild Bluebells in Watercolor, Plein Air

"Spring Bluebells"
Watercolor, 9 x 12"




This is the Spring 2010 Plein-air class painting on-location at Riverbend Park, VA.


The bluebells (spring wildflowers, native to Virginia) were just past-peak and still going strong. I gave a short talk about how to compose the picture and got started on the demo. The light was filtering through the trees and there were a lot of spring greens, yellows, and some purple in the distant shore.


When painting the picture it was important to save the areas of light & bright with blue paint and yellow-green paint. These were the areas of lightest value in addition to the far shore. I then 'painted around these areas with other color when dry. The painting on the easel is part-way done. When painting the foliage and flowers I placed some dots and spatter for the yellow leaves and bluebells, then some leaves in green, finally more texture with scratching out while wet for stems - with my fingernail - and darker darks to look like shadows and earth.

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